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Based on non-financial big data
Evaluate the future value of brands

SHOPPERHOUSE transparently conducts Fast, Simple, and Flexible
brand evaluations and acquisitions.

What kind of eCommerce brand do you have?

SHOPPERHOUSE diagnoses your brand through its own big data-based brand future valuation system
and drives continuous growth together.


All brand acquisition processes
will be completed within six weeks.


SHOPPERHOUSE transparently evaluate the brand’s future value
with unique technology that we have


We suggest a variety of options
for selling the brand.

How is the acquisition done?


Brand acquisition offers and interviews

SHOPPERHUSE's self-developed AiLEE ECOSYSTEM platform allows you to evaluate faster and more objective brand value.


Brand Value Evaluation & Letter of Intent(LOI)

This may be your first experience for a SME with its own brand. You will be transparent about your brand acquisition by providing a unique brand valuation checklist for SHOPPERHOUSE.

After a data-driven brand valuation, we provide you with a LOI(letter of intent) to acquire and a future brand growth plan and acquisition plan.


Due diligence-Contract-Payment of Acquisitions

Checklist-based assets and data due diligence will be carried out, and based on this, the terms of the Final Purchase Agreement will be prepared and discussed.
The acquisition price will be paid based on the Final Purchase Agreement.
SHOPPERHOUSE is ready to coordinate opinions at any time so that both companies can proceed carefully and transparently.


If you have any more questions,
please contact us at

What product category of brand acquisition are you proceeding with?

SHOPPERHOUSE nine product categories: household goods, furniture, health goods, food, automobile & tool, infant goods, cosmetics, small home appliances/IT, and pets, and SHOPPERHOUSE is pursuing brand acquisition first in three product categories: pet, automobile & tool, and household goods.

What do you consider important when acquiring a brand?

The important part to consider when reviewing the brand to be acquired is
– EBITDA margin of 10% or more
– Brand sales of USD $500K to $2M per year
– More than 12 months of e-commerce sales & customer review data
– Brand that can register trademark right or Brand Trademark right has

How long will it take to actually take over?

The brand acquisition process aims to be completed within six weeks from the first meeting to the final cash payment.

What’s the concept of brand acquisition.

Basically, you can understand it as a concept of transferring assets held by the brand. Instead of purchasing stocks to M&A the company, it transfers the assets held by the brand. For example, the brand’s trademark, online store, goodwill, and production site contract are transferred.

How do you evaluate your brand value?

A brand evaluation assesses brand value through a brand future value assessment independently developed by SHOPPERHOUSE. Instead of evaluating the company on the same accounting book as financial statements, it assesses the brand’s future growth potential and product value based on non-financial data such as revenues, reviews, and ratings created by brands

Is the supplementation of the data provided by the company maintained?

SHOPPERHOUSE strictly complies with any supplementation provided. You will enter into a confidentiality agreement (NDA, non-disclosure agreement) prior to receiving all confidential information and data provided for brand evaluation.

Is the AiLEE ECOSYSTEM Platform a service provided only to underwriting companies?

SHOPPERHOUSE supports the business of SMEs. The AiLEE ECOSYSTEM Platform is a service provided to all SME owners who have their own brands. The inefficient manual tasks SME owners were developed to support automation and efficiency, and we provide them as free services.