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Bigdata Based
Brand Aggregator


Our Mission

With AiLEE, the world’s most beloved products become accessible to everyone

Who We Are

SHOPPERHOUSE is an IT-based fast-growing company. It develops beloved products that reflect the needs of consumers around the world, helps SME brands continue to grow, and provides excellent products to e-commerce platforms.

What We Do

We are creating a brand future value evaluation algorithm for SME owners using artificial intelligence technology. Through this, it helps the growth of SME brands in e-commerce and provides an exit strategy to create new business opportunities.By acquiring excellent brands, we want to create rapid growth in the market and improve the customer experience to consumers around the world by continuously developing brands and products that consumers love. Our artificial intelligence technology provides automation and efficiency solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and provides remarkable cost savings.


We support the brand growth of SME and help them secure excellent SME brands and products for e-commerce platforms.

SME brands in e-commerce experience limitations in growth when they reach a certain sales scale. At the same time, e-commerce business platforms are facing difficulties in managing numerous products & brands with limited resources and a number of people.

Core Competencies of SHOPPERHOUSE

01 Innovation

A Future Value Evaluation Algorithm for SME Brands Using Non-Financial Big Data

With the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, SHOPPERHOUSE is developing an algorithm using unique AI technology that can more objectively evaluate the SME brand in Korea. Brand value can be grown through algorithms that analyze the market competitiveness of products that make up non-financial big data-based brands and predict future sales. It can develop products by identifying the needs of customers’ objectified products and deriving factors that affect consumer purchases and enables customized marketing.

02 Efficiency

AiLEE ECOSYSTEM Platform for automating and streamlining inefficient tasks such as manual operation of SME brands

It provides automation services for order collection and delivery management by linking API-based real-time customer orders. Through efficient and optimized operations of each stage(inventory management, picking, packing, shipping and so on), business hours can be reduced and productivity can be increased to reduce costs. In addition, it provides solutions to automate keyword operations by linking with a shopping advertising platform and supports market analysis by category sold by small and medium-sized sellers through the Market Intelligence function.

03 Impact

With AiLEE, the world’s most beloved products become accessible to everyone

We want to give a good influence on consumers’ life by providing the most loved products to consumers around the world. The development team, brand team, and operation team in the SHOPPERHOUSE are constantly improving the customer experience by providing valuable products and services to customers.