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Career at

you can grow.

We think and conduct based on
leadership principles.

Think Big, and Step by Step

To think big and make it happen, create step-by-step missions and execute them. Every work or individual’s growth requires a step-by-step process, like stairs.

Risk, but Just do it

Don’t be overly principled and complicated, but do it boldly. Create results and constantly improve risk.

Simplify and Be Abstracted

Let’s focus on one characteristic. If it can’t be simplified, let’s observe again, find out the patterns, and shape them. Surprisingly, all problems can be solved through simple decisions.

Bigdata and Working on the Ground

If you can’t quantify it, you don’t know. We need to create something measurable and lead to continuous improvement. The romance of walking on the cloud is important, but we can grow when we look at the current situation calmly(Walking on the ground).

Grit and Learn More

The power of passionate persistence can change the world. You should constantly let them know that you are learning. Extraordinary talent is important, but you also need to have extraordinary enthusiasm and the ability to work hard.

Teamwork and Be Gentle

Working together as a team can produce amazing results. Working together means being considerate of each other’s time. We can create a growth mindset when we value each other’s time and constantly talk to each other.

To grow together

So that you can only focus on your work! Let’s pursue a pleasant work environment

・ Starbucks capsule coffee and all kinds of tea are served without limits. Beer is also served after 16:00.
・ We offer unlimited snacks such as chocolate, Oreo, and bagels.
・ We work as a self-dresser
・ I communicate with nickname such as “NIM” & without a position

Flexible work system

The basic working hours are from 09:30 to 18:30, and the flexible work system is in effect.

Birthday half-time support

Your birthday is precious! On birthdays, you leave work 4 hours early

We actively support your growth.

It supports self-development expenses necessary for growth, such as buying books, online lectures, and learning.

The process of joining the SHOPPERHOUSE

Job Application


Focus Interview

Final Pass

Before applying

• When applying for a job, please fill in your name, contact information, e-mail address, etc. accurately.
• Pre-tasks, interviews, and reference checks may be added depending on the characteristics of the recruitment position.
• Acceptance may be cancelled if the academic and experience details listed on your resume are false.
• If you have any questions about support, please send us an email (