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To help SME businesses grow the revenue and streamline their work, SHOPPERHOUSE provides a free cloud-based fulfillment system developed by itself.

AiLEE ECOSYSTEM provides artificial intelligence-based business automation services and consists of an Order Management System (OMS) and a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Developed to improve the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that occur to SMEs and help them grow, it enables manufacturers and warehouse operators to provide optimized logistics services by applying advanced IT technologies to the entire logistics process from customer ordering.


(Ai-Order Management System)

The real-time Order Management System(OMS) automates all processes from customer order collection of eCommerce platforms to delivery with API technology. It provide a service to optimize inefficient tasks such as manual work.

A Real-time Order Collection

The customer orders of eCommerce platform are automatically collected every 30 minutes or hour and shipped on the same day at the set order closing time.

Monitoring Real-time Orders

You can quickly check from order receipt to delivery completion, and you can consult customers quickly through detailed inquiries.

Automatic Delivery Tracking Number Registration

Delivery tracking numbers are automatically updated to eCommerce platforms and the delivery status is automatically uploaded at the same time.

Upload Easy Customer Order

Automatic delivery request through order upload for unlinked eCommerce platform and B2B orders


(Ai-Warehouse Management System)

Real-time inventory updates optimize warehouse space and the pick-packing-packing-delivery process. It reduces costs and enables to fast delivery. You can easily manage all processes with barcodes on your mobile app or laptop. Download the mobile app from the Google Store.

A Real-time Inventory Management

∙ A real-time inventory matching for shopping mall customer orders and B2B. - Integrated inventory management by inventory status
∙ Inventory location management tools to minimize inbound and outbound time.

Warehouse Automation

∙ Integrated Management about all processes: Inbound-location-Inventory-Picking-Packing-Outbound.
∙ It improves usability through a logistics-only mobile app and manages barcodes for all items
∙ To realize 99.99% of human error-free inventory management and delivery accuracy.

Automatic PO Forecasting

∙ Forecasting by items based on bigdata
∙ Safety inventory recommendation based on product sales by items

Automatic Recommendation of Picking & Packing Items

∙ Automatic picking and packing recommendations based on customer order closing time.
∙ Automatic recommendation of packing box size


(Fulfillment By SHOPPERHOSE)

It provides fulfillment services for SMEs in e-commerce. Through the operation of an integrated warehouse, SHOPPERHOUSE provides logistics business automation and cost reduction solutions with SME owners who own their own brands. In addition, SHOPPERHOUSE provides its own fulfillment system to small and medium-sized manufacturers, sellers, and warehouse operators, and provides customized consulting services for setting up a fulfillment center. For FBS service inquiries, please contact

Check Customer Order and
Logistics Process in real-time.

Subscription Process

If you proceed with a simple subscription process, you can automate all business processes
from collecting shopping mall orders to shipping through the linkage of the e-commerce platform.